Success Stories The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

It is really rewarding to hear from our clients on their continued success with their dogs. Keep the letters coming!
— Tony & Laura

Laura: We have been working with Cocoa on all the games and techniques. I took her for an extensive hike yesterday and she was marvelous! She responded so well, even when there were others dogs that drew her attention, she came to me the minute I called her. I was very pleased to say the least! My comfort level with her on hikes is so much better. I feel like she still has some work to be done around our place. Thank you SO much for your help! I really feel like progress is being made in a big way! You are very good at what you do! - Kyanne

Laura:  Thank you so much for the Reliable Recall Workshop today.  Sam and I both learned a great deal.  I appreciate your expertise and dedication.  The class will help me get all of us on track.
Patty & Sam

Our dog, Lily, learned how to properly play fetch (return it to the thrower) with Trainer Laura.  My husband was just so excited playing with her like he had a new buddy!  It was just so sweet to see them play.  She would run and catch it and bring it right back to him to throw again.  Just wanted to let you know that the work that you do as a trainer brings little joys to people's days and I hope you are told that often.

Thank you so much, Tony, for all of your kindness and extra time spent with Damon.  He is acting much better after getting all of that hair out of his ears and he looks great!
Mel & Sandy

Thank you Laura for all of the coaching with my agility dog, Rev and I.  You really helped us work better as a team and to balance out his focus a little more to me.  Now he doesn't go off course like he use to and we're getting more q's.  We are having a blast!

I was in desperate need of help with two dogs that always got along and were suddenly getting into fights. Gone to the dogs came out in a matter of hours to help. I was amazed with Laura’s calm approach and her compassion with helping my animals and myself. She spent a great deal of time in my home and taught me techniques and setting boundaries that were almost instantly effective. I would recommend gone to the dogs any day for assistance with tackling unwanted dog behaviors and understanding your pets better. She was nothing less than wonderful! Thank you!

Skylar the sheltie is almost two. He has been the most challenging of the six shelties we have had over the years. Skylar’s main issue was walking along and having other dogs and people coming at him. He made a fool of himself and us by his lunging and barking wanting to play. We decided to try the Saturday morning dog walk in Buena Vista at Gone to the Dogs, to see if walking with other dogs would be helpful. Over the months, we have seen a marked change in Skylar’s behavior. The big break through for us was taking him downtown BV during the 4th of July weekend car show. It was a madhouse of people and dogs. Skylar ignored most of the dogs and walked without pulling or barking. He let loads of people pet him. We are deeply grateful to Laura and Tony for providing this wonderful dog walk each Saturday. It is a great way to socialize your dog or new puppy, and we have also met many nice folks we probably would never have known otherwise.
Lulie and Jack Melton

Laura: Thank you so much for the Private Training sessions with our dog, Daisy. We can’t get over what a changed dog she is and how great her obedience is now. We appreciate you taking time with us in the transfer sessions to learn the exact mechanics. You are such a great teacher and a gifted trainer!
Melinda & Ross

The “Complete Calm” pills and the romp in the doggie park were just what our dog and we needed. We did as you suggested and read the label carefully and only gave him 1 pill even though he weighs 75 pounds. It was enough. Thank you so much for your help and advice.
Eric and Sudi

Tony: When we see our own dog everyday, it’s difficult to see how scruffy she’s become. Thank you for grooming our Lexi and taking her from Phyllis Diller to Catherine Zeta Jones!
Peggy & Jim

Hi Tony & Laura: Camille, I, and our dogs would like to thank you for getting us on the right track. We couldn’t stop talking about what we had learned and experienced. I used many of the techniques this morning during the morning routine and it was much more sane with less talk. I caught myself in amazement several times. I realize we have a lot of work to do. Having Camille and I on the same page will benefit everyone. We were at a loss of what to do. You truly have a gift and we are grateful you are helping us. Again, many heartfelt thanks. We not only have a future, but a bright one! We are looking forward to our next meeting.
Craig, Camille, Luka (the Majestic one), Sadie (the pacer) & Bella (our disorder child)

Hi Laura and Tony, Tony did a great job yesterday on assisting us with rehabilatating a very fearful dog. It’s hard to believe how far Nulato came out of himself. Connie, his Pet Parent, will certainly follow up–she was on the right track and will make full use of the lesson. All of us were impressed with the great resource we have in Tony’s wisdom about dogs. He does excellent presentations too! And accepts human faults, like treats.

The additional observation I had with going with Tony on a follow-up appointment with the Aussies showed me alot too. I am amazed at what their owners accomplished in one week, thanks to Tony. With my soft heart, I find the dog’s current confusion over change of rules hard to take. But clearly the dogs have to learn. A serious aggressive situation, hopefully saved from disaster. Tony is one in a million in understanding dogs. We are lucky to have you both in the Valley. Thanks so much.

Our shelter is one in a million too, in its staff and volunteer compassion. Can you believe how many animals we are saving! These dogs and cats would likely have been euthanized (shot or whatever) without our shelter. I am proud to be part of it and to have Tony part of it. We need to keep our eyes open for many more partnerships.
– Phyllis Kittle, Ark-Valley Humane Society, Volunteer

Hi Laura: Thoroughly enjoyed that class!! As I have all of the other Good Dog Classes. I think I only have 2 more left before we leave for home. :-) Kensi and I have come a long way thanks to you. I really appreciate all of your help and suggestions! Best classes I have ever attended! I will continue to be in touch and we WILL see you next year!
Thanks again,
Mary and Kensi

Mountain Mail: “New Yorker offers kudos to dog trainer”

Dear Editor: While visiting a friend in Howard, I had an incredibly wonderful three-hour experience with Willie, my four-month-old rescue dog and Tong Bussing, behaviorist and owner of GONE TO THE DOGS in Salida, CO. With patience, understanding and humor, Tony taught me ways to become pack leader and Willie the follower. We walked around town interrupting Willie from sniffing everything, from barking at dogs behind fences, walking up and down steps without tripping me, helping Willie understand my clothes are not something he can eat, and much more.

The visit changed my relationship with Willie but I know it takes consistent practice and time to maintain our new roles. When we returned to New York, Willie walks the streets without sniffing everything unless I want him to. I haven’t tripped over him once, he isn’t eating my clothes and most importantly, I know how to interrupt any behavior with a simple sound that lets Willie know I want him to stop doing what he’s doing at that moments.

I can’t wait to work with Tony again on my next trip back to Salida in June.
Ellen Tuckman, New York, NY


My wife Deb and I were in your store Friday to look at training leads or pinch collars.

You took a few minutes to show us how to get our dogs attention by using a
short lead and the slip collar riding high under the chin and ears.

Thank you. Thank you. We got immediate results. It was like walking a
new dog. When the collar was high he pranced next to us in heel position.
Unbelievable. What a difference!!!!!!!!!!”

Thanks again
Brian Wingert

“I am grateful that I contacted Tony Bussing and made an appointment to have him visit with my dogs. I have two nine year old dogs, one a “cow dog” and the other a little cocker spaniel mix. They are friendly, loving dogs, however not perfect on a leash or with certain commands. I wasn’t sure if Tony could help me, however to my amazement, within 10 minutes of our session, my dogs were not jumping on Tony or rushing the front door to bark at dogs they saw outside. Walking on a leash has always been a bit of a job with two dogs, one has a nose for wanting to visit every blade of grass, while the other just wants to march ahead. Well, Tony taught me how to be the LEADER, to be in control of what we were going to do, where we were going to go, and at what pace we were going to get there. It might sound militant, but honestly, my dogs seemed to like the new me. Now my dogs walk at my side with no problem and they also do not exhibit behavior problems when they encounter other dogs. I didn’t know it could be so easy to change “poor” behaviors by learning to understand how to communicate better with my dogs. My dogs are my best friends, if you love your dog and want to help “cure” some behavior problems, give Tony a call. I’m glad I did.”
Lori Young, Salida, Colorado

In April of 09, my husband Guy and I adopted an eighteen month old dog on death row in Kansas. Although rescued by a wonderful group, and despite training in the Kansas prison dog program, Sara, a large dog, was considered unmanageable for regular adoption and her days were limited. I believed we could handle the situation and through Petfinder, Sara became ours.

An insecure dominant dog, Sara would jump on us and mouth/bite our arms and any part of our body within reach. Although we both recognized that this behavior did not stem from pure aggression, it was obvious that it would, if not handled, escalate to “really scary stuff”. And we had to handle it – we were Sara’s lifeline.

We sought out a trainer/behaviorist and our vet recommended Tony. Tony uses the same methods of Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) and immediately it was reassuring to know we were on the same training page. Sara also feared her environment – the wind, birds, objects on the road, noises, – everything.

Tony transferred his calm assertive energy to us and to Sara and that, coupled with his training skills, proved to be a real life-saver for all of us. He taught us “pack leader” skills through dog walking, dog manners, voice level and praise timing. He illustrated how to use these skills to calm Sara’s panic of the world. Given the level of our nervousness, Tony also played with Sara – he spent time showing us her wonderful side – her potential for evolving into a safe, fun and lovely dog.

Today – four months later, Sara rarely jumps on us and when she does, we have the skills to immediately stop that behavior. Sara walks quietly, heeds our request to stop barking, and is learning to accept new people and her surroundings. She melts into our arms for affection and we are madly in love with our Sara.

This ending would never have happened without Tony’s special skills and abundant patience.
Judy Goldstock, Howard, CO

My name is Erica and I have and 8 year old Border Collie by the name of Sydney. She has over the years become aggressive towards other dogs. Aggressive to the point of attacking any dog they came within her reach! Tony was able to help us turn her behavior around in such amazing ways that I still am in shock when I see how she acts now! Through his techniques and “re-training” us she has completely changed and now allows completely foreign dogs to even enter our house. She has become social and I feel enjoys her dog life more now then she ever has because I am no longer afraid to take her out into the world for fear that something horrible will happen.
Thanks again for everything Tony”
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