Private Training & Board & Train Options

  • We TRAIN your dog for you OR
  • We COACH you training your dog OR
  • BOARD & TRAIN (day only: drop off am/pick up pm) see below

If a class setting isn’t for you or you simply do not have the time but want results with obedience or behavior issues, PRIVATE TRAINING is your answer!  We have options!  We come to your house or you can drop your dog off at our locations. For private one on one sessions, we spend one hour sessions with your dog (or with 
you and your dog if you prefer private coaching) working on your goals. (SEE BOARD & TRAIN BELOW) Usually 
3 per week with the dog, 1 transfer session and 1 follow-up session for specific obedience cues. We proof for 
distraction and use real-life trials in key environments, providing you with a professionally trained dog!

Laura Bussing has been training dogs for 30 years and is the Head Trainer at Gone to the DogsLaura Bussing, CPDT-KA, CCFT, FP-MT
is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with more than 30 years experience. She's also a
Certified Canine Fitness Trainer via the University 
of Tennessee and a FitPaws Master Trainer. 
Recently, Laura became a Certified OneMind Dogs 
Instructor for Agility.  She's been voted 
Best Dog Trainer in Salida every year!

First, an initial consultation is required for us to discuss your goals, understand our roles, and expectations. We will set a training plan based on your goals and a realistic time-table. Some behavior modifications will take 4-6 weeks, working with your dog 3-4 times/week.  Private Obedience training is recommended a minimum of 3 days a week depending upon goals. We expertly handle all obedience and behavior issues using proven science-based, positive reward training. We work at our facility or at 
your home, depending upon the issue.

We do transfer sessions with the owner to teach you the mechanics, step by step, of what we have been doing with your dog all week. We answer your questions and transfer the dog’s new behaviors to you, as a handler. Follow-up sessions may me necessary to make sure that everything is going well and to answer any questions.

PRIVATE 1 HOUR SESSIONS - $65, payable in advance.  Packages are available.
BOARD & TRAIN (day only) is a great way for your puppy or adult dog to get a great education while not having to go away for an extended period. Your dog gets to come home every night!

For: Obedience, behavior issues, agility training, fitness conditioning and more!

What happens in a typical day?  We work a limited amount of dogs in a cycle of
Train, Play, Relax.  Repeat. We usually repeat this cycle 6-7 times during the day.  We work specifically on the dog's individual training and behavior goals.  We find that training in frequent micro-sessions followed up with play arousal produces quick results.  In numerous studies, what happens after sessions of dog training can affect what the dog remembers. For something to be remembered it must be coded by the brain and consolidated into a memory trace that can later be retrieved.  An emotionally arousing situation occurring immediately after a training session can cause the body to create and secrete hormones that consolidate the training memories for easy coding.  We tap proven, scientific protocols for training your dog in the most impactful way possible.    

      --A highly structured regimen of training, supervised play & kennel relaxation
      --Frequent positive interaction with our trainers and technicians                                  
      --Multiple walks for potty time, sniffing and mental stimulation                                              Senior Trainer, Sarah Highfill

 $95 per day - Must be potty & kennel trained, & current on Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella.
  Reservations and payment in advance required.   Drop off between 9-10am and pick up 6-5pm
 Click here for Our Guarantee        Check out some of our  Training Videos               ASVAB Position Statement on Puppy Socialization                                                                                                                                                   
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