Dog Gym Membership


 --- A fully equipped Indoor Gym (50ft x 35ft) of fitness, conditioning,  agility & flyball equipment. 
---  An Outdoor Arena (110ft x 85ft) equipped with competition equipment for Agility. 
     Flyball, Disc, Obedience and IPO Teams are welcome too

The Details
Gym Member, Debbie McCaleb, working on her "doctorate" degree in Obedience Training with Smokey                                  
  • Daily Access 7 days/week
  • Specific activites during specific times
  • Use of Training & Fitness Equipment
  • Use of Video & Playback Equipment
  • Unlimited Self Washes - Holy Cleanness!
  • 10% off Group Classes & Private Training
  • Game sessions (agility, flyball & rally)
  • Low Impact, sport flooring surface
  • Proof of Shots
  • No Contracts, Cancel anytime                                                                                                                                                      Gym Members, Debbie & Smokey, working on their
  • Orientation Session required                                                              "Doctorate" degree in Obedience Training.
Indoor Gym
All times 9am - 6pm (except on  Wednesdays 5-6pm, Thursdays from 4-5pm; Saturdays from 10-3pm; Sundays 1-1:30pm)

Outdoor Arena
Agility/Flyball/IPO/Disc  Daily 8am-8pm (bathrooms open 9-6p) no lighting

**Want to use the Gym at a time other than above?  Call us, we'll see if it's compatible with our schedule.


Please park at the back of the building.  Take your leashed dog to potty BEFORE entering the building. (pick up the poop! – garbage receptacle outside)

 Please enter with dog on leash and sign in with the front desk before Gym participation. 

 No muddy shoes or paws on Gym Surface (visit the self wash first and rinse paws if necessary)

 Add your dog's name & activity to the white board once in the Gym.  

 Patrons may not move contact equipment (teeter, a-frame, or dog walk) at any time.

 Aggressive dogs are not allowed.  Please see Trainers, Laura or Sarah, for a behavior modification plan.

Bitches in season are not allowed.  If you have a BIS, talk to Laura, as we may be able to do some accommodation.

For dogs training on agility equipment, prong & choke collars are not allowed, nor is running on a loose leash.  Many dogs have broken their necks while running agility wearing these collars or trailing a leash.  They can easily snag in the tunnel or on the dog walk (if dog looses balance @ high speed) or potentially any piece of equipment.  

 Off-leash Sport Training:  Take Turns.  If there are other dogs, each dog is allowed 3-4 minutes doing agility, flyball, nosework, IPO, or rally and then must allow the next dog their turn.  Dogs need breaks and micro-sessions are most effective!

 On-leash Training:  Communicate with others in gym & arena, work in zones, work together if you like, please pleasantly agree on how you are going to safely handle logistics. 

 Dog's nails must be kept trimmed and filed so the flooring isn't gouged.

 Please do not allow your dog to meet or greet other dogs without handler permission. Dogs who are working off-leash should have a solid recall. We are happy to help you if your dog needs additional training  :)

 Please bring a soft crate for your dog for Agility. Dogs who are not on the floor need to be in their soft crates or car. This ensures the safety of all the dogs, and allows the dog working the freedom to focus on the task at hand.

 Only Adults will handle dogs.  Older children will be approved on an individual basis and with parental permission & liability release.  We do not have facilities to accommodate unattended children.

 Please use the potty area behind the building, if needed, and not our neighbor's landscaping.  Pick up the poop!  We recommend that all dogs go out every 15 minutes.

 If your dog soils inside, you must clean it up right away.  We provide the supplies. Some male dogs may need a belly band (male wrap)

For the Outdoor arena, there is no soiling allowed in the arena.  We know accidents happen. You must walk your dog before entering the arena.  We suggest that you give your dog the opportunity to potty in between runs.  Outdoor arena users must bring their own bottle of urine removal solution.  You will have to pour it on the dirt to reduce the scent.  If your dog soils on a piece of equipment, please clean it and notify a staff person immediately, so we can do more decontamination.

Bring a water bowl for your dog.  In order for this to be the safest, healthiest environment for your dog, we do not have a communal water bowl.  Cross-contamination is possible with dogs sharing water bowls.  For the outdoor arena there is a water spicket nearby the gate.

Membership Excludes:  Classes, private training, aggessive dogs, daycare

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