Obedience for the Real World
                  Positive Reinforcement, Choice Based training 
                                                                                                                                            Voted BEST in SALIDA 5 years in a row!
BASIC Obedience Class:  12 Weeks & Up (non-refundable) 
For Puppies or adult dogs who have never been in a training class. Getting started right!  This class will give your dog the basic obedience skills that you need right away.  We will cover Sit, Down, foundations for Touch Recall, Focus, Leash Skills, Leave it, Wait, & Polite Greeting.

MONDAYS at 5:45pm , 6:30pm or 7:15-8:00pm  2023 Summer Sessions Begin: 2/6/23, 3/6/23, 4/3/23, 5/1/23, 7/10/23.
4 weekly classes on Mondays in Salida  
Must be up to date on age appropriate shots
Cost: $125 (limit 6 dogs)  REGISTER HERE                                                                     
ADVANCED Obedience Class: (non-refundable)
For Basic Graduates to build on skills learned in the basic class, this class will elevate your dog’s obedience to the next level.  This will prepare your dog for becoming a more attentive listener.  You'll learn Stay, Reliable Recall, Advanced Impulse Control, Lovely Leash Skills, Focus thru Distractions (other dogs, people, bikes, etc.) and Auto Sit at Heel.  Most dogs will be ready for the CGC - Canine Good Citizen test after graduating this class.

MONDAYS at 7:15pm Next session begins: 2/6/23
4 weekly classes on Wednesdays in Salida
Must be up to date on shots
Cost: $125 (limit 6 dogs)  REGISTER HERE

ELITE Obedience Class:  (non-refundable)
For Advanced Graduates seeking the Ultimate in Dog Training! For folks who want a
bomb-proof dog! Do you want a dog that you can take anywhere on or off leash and 
your dog is amazing & well-mannered?  This class will transform your dog into a highly 
disciplined companion who can focus completely on you  around distractions. 
You'll learn Rocket Recall, Distance Obedience, Settle, Stand, Amazing Impulse Control,
Super Stays & Leash skills (We currently do not have a trainer available for priveat/elite Classes)

Next Class Session Begins: UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
Must be up to date on Shots

“I have been completely amazed by the high level of instruction at Gone to the Dogs. Jenna & Laura have so much knowledge and expertise with training dogs and training me! I now have a dog that listens so well and has the best recall on the planet! Thank you so much” – Jill
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Approaches Backed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) are the behavior specialists of the animal world — similar to a psychiatrist in human terms. AVSAB has developed position papers on several important topics.
Dominance Position Statement
One of the most pervasive, and also most damaging, myths of dog behavior is that their misbehavior is based on dominance. This brings about often abusive and dangerous approaches to dog training in an effort to “reduce the rank” of the dog.
Punishment Position Statement
There is no need to hurt a dog physically to get them to behave. And contrary to what some may try to tell you, choke, shock and prong collars, to be effective, must be aversive enough that the dog never ever wants to feel that again. Additionally, punishment is difficult to perform correctly compared to positive reinforcement and has some serious, known potential adverse effects.
Puppy Socialization Position Statement
Puppies have a very small “socialization” window in which to learn that new things, people, and other dogs are great and not things to be afraid of. Once that window is closed at 10 – 12 weeks old, then that puppy is more likely to grow into behavior problems.
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