Flexible and Unlimited Access
The most flexible group training classes available!  Levels is a multi-tiered, ongoing obedience program offering the ultimate in flexibility and designed for busy folks. Students receive unlimited access to multiple classes each week.  With this program, our flexible schedule allows you to attend your level class on different days and times. Additionally, we provide our students with tutorial videos on all of the behaviors we cover in each Level.  That way, you can learn in a live class and at home!

Why Levels
Each level introduces new and more complex skills for both dogs & owners, including sit, stay, loose leash walking, polite greetings and more!  Dogs and owners move through the different levels of training as they demonstrate proficiency of specific skills requirements.  There are multiple class days and
 times available.  It allows you and your dog to learn at your own pace .  
You can spend time focusing on areas that need the most training.  

Affordable Cost
As low as $6-8 per class depending upon the Access Level you choose (see below) and frequency of attendance.  Many students come 2-3 times a week.

When can I start?
Whenever you like after you have registered & watched our Orientation Video.  Our classes have permanent dates and times and are always in session.  We teach 9 classes each week, year around with 5 Levels of Training.  You choose when to attend with Unlimited Access.  Get as much training as you need based on your expectations for your dog. Classes last approx. 45 minutes
LEVEL 1 - Starting Out:                                                                                             
Hand signals for Sit & Down, Focus, Name Recognition, Hand Target, Sit  
for polite greetings, Leash Off/Party On, Collar Grabs, Wait at doors, 
Biting, Anti-Jumping

LEVEL 2 - Manners Plus
Verbal Cue  for Sit & Down @ Side, Duration Stay, Advanced Wait at doors, 
Start Leash Walking, Digging, Barking, Chewing, Recall begins, Managing Mistakes, Passive Leave-it (impulse control)

LEVEL 3 - Adding Distractions:  
Loose Leash Walking (outside distractions), Distance Stay, Stand, Recall Now, Wait at doors (distractions), Leave it, Place, Ready- Canine Good Citizen test

LEVEL 4 - Advanced:  
Distraction & More Distance Stay, Drop, Emergency Recall, Distance Down, Auto Sit while Heeling, Middle, Distance Recall, Advanced Place, Advanced Leave it, Working calmly close to other dogs

LEVEL 5 - Elite:  
Retrieve, Spin, Sit Pretty,  Front & Rear Target Touches, Backing, Insane Stay, Expert Leave it, Reliable Off Leash Recall, Advanced Shaping of complicated Behaviors, Ultra Distractions & More!
                                                                                                                                         Level 5 Graduate "Smokey" & Debbie
“I have been completely amazed by the high level of instruction at Gone to the Dogs. Sarah, Jenna & Laura have so much knowledge and expertise with training dogs and training me! I now have a dog that listens so well and has the best recall on the planet! Thank you so much” – Jill
BRONZE - $199 = 2 months unlimited training in Levels Classes.   
Expect to move to Level 2 (regular attendance & practice @ home)

SILVER - $299 = 4 months unlimited training in Levels Class. 
Expect to move to Level 3 (with regular attendance & practice at home)

GOLD - $399 = 6 months unlimited training in Levels Classes. 
Expect to move to  Level 5 (with regular attendance & practice at home)

PLATINUM -$750 Best Value! = A Full year of unlimited training in Levels.
Expect to nail Level 5 and be showing off to friends!

(Prices are for 1 dog)   MUST PRE-REGISTER   REGISTER HERE

CLASS SCHEDULE     All Classes at Salida Location                                                                                                                                                               
Tuesday           Wednesday         Thursday             Friday          Saturday
6p-Level 1         9a-Level 4        9a-Level 1&2        4p-Level 5       9a-Level 3
7p-Level 2 & 3                           (reservation is                          10a- Level 2 & 4                          Click here for TRAINERS
                                                    required)                               11a- Level 1
To see full schedule of all types of classes: 
 Click here for Class Calendar                                 

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Approaches Backed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) are the behavior specialists of the animal world — similar to a psychiatrist in human terms. AVSAB has developed position papers on several important topics.
Dominance Position Statement
One of the most pervasive, and also most damaging, myths of dog behavior is that their misbehavior is based on dominance. This brings about often abusive and dangerous approaches to dog training in an effort to “reduce the rank” of the dog.
Punishment Position Statement
There is no need to hurt a dog physically to get them to behave. And contrary to what some may try to tell you, choke, shock and prong collars, to be effective, must be aversive enough that the dog never ever wants to feel that again. Additionally, punishment is difficult to perform correctly compared to positive reinforcement and has some serious, known potential adverse effects.
Puppy Socialization Position Statement
Puppies have a very small “socialization” window in which to learn that new things, people, and other dogs are great and not things to be afraid of. Once that window is closed at 10 – 12 weeks old, then that puppy is more likely to grow into behavior problems.
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