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Agility is a wonderful mix of speed & precision, independence & teamwork, focusing on dog training skills and handler finesse. It is fun and exciting and you can do it! Without a solid foundation, dogs and handlers cannot excel in Agility, and they can get hurt. We work on activities that prepare you and your dog to do agility safely, confidently and with clarity. Whether you want to compete or just do agility in your backyard, we will get you started on the right paw!  Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in the United States.

Seminar - OneMind Dog Handling Techniques 1 - April 21-22, 2018 
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In this single session, we introduce you and your dog to the exciting sport of agility.  Dogs will be jumping, running thru tunnels and navigating low dog walks.  We emphasize safety and fun making this "taste of agility" to leave you and your dog begging for more!  Rewards based dog training is utilized for introducing equipment and handling basics.
Class Dates: Saturdays 3/24, 4/28 Time: 3:00-4:30 pm (Limit 4 dogs)
Cost:  $40 - One Session    Prerequisites: 4 months & up

This class is a springboard into the essential skills necessary for a balanced agility training program.   We focus on building a solid partnership to develop you and your dog into an agility team.  We introduce you to OneMind Dogs methodology and concepts highlighting the 7 Handling Elements and the 3 C's: connection, commitment, cue.  You will learn the "magic" of how dog's naturally respond to key body movements.  Skills covered:  Start-Line Stay, Sending Forward, Offering a Jump, Follow Handling, Keep Commitment, Lead Changes, Around Wings, Reaction to Rhythm Changes and more.
Class Starts:   3/7, 4/4 - 4 consecutive weeks - 1 hr. class      Wednesday @ 7:00 pm  Cost:  $115  Prerequisites:  Intro to Agility,  Puppy Essentials or Instructor approval
                        4 months or older. 

This class builds on the skills from Agility Essentials adding more complexities & challenges.  We grow you and your dog's capabilities and confidence.  We also add the basics of handling on the flat with the most common techniques.  We teach you how to "cue and go", one of the most important handling skills you need!
Class Starts: - 3/8, 4/5. 4 consecutive weeks - 1 hour class. Thurs  @ 6pm
Cost:  $115  Prerequisite: AgEssentials or Instr. Approval; 5 m or older

This class works on techniques applied in short sequences using jumps and tunnels. Front Cross, Rear Cross, Blind Cross, Reverse Spin.  We introduce you to training with a virtual dog and human dog to easily learn skills.
Class Starts:  3/7 - 4 consecutive weeks - 1 hour class.  Wed. @ 1:00pm
Cost: $115  Prerequisite:  AgHandling1, or Instructor Approval; 6 months or older
This class can be taken consecutively with Agility Essentials.  We will introduce your dog to various objects to build confidence for doing agility obstacles.  Skills:  Jumps, Tunnels, Teeter bangs, walking on planks, weaving legs, tire, wobble board, wing alley.
Class Starts:  3/7, 4/4 4 consec weeks-1 hr. class  Wed @ 6pm
Cost:  $115  Prerequisite: Intro to Agility, Pup Essentials, 4m or older

This class can be taken consecutively with AgHandling1 or 2.  We will introduce contacts to your dog by teaching end behaviors.  Dog Walk- 2on/2off; Teeter- 4 on; A-Frame box work.  2x2 Weaves will be covered.
Class Starts: 4/5, 4 consec weeks - 1 hr. class   Thurs @ 12pm
                                                                                                Cost: $115  Prerequisite:  AgObstacles1 & AgEssentials, or Instructor                                                                                                    approval.  6m or older
Laura Bussing, CPDT-KA, CCFT, FP-MT
Certified OneMind Dogs Instructor Click for More Info
Master Level Competitor - AKC & USDAA

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